Friday 7 January 2011


Gr 5:   p. 179  # 3-7 (M)


“60 Minute Kids’ Club”.  Our school is one of only 5 schools in BC to pilot this new program which is designed to improve fitness levels of children. Your child should have brought home a square notice which gives the website ( ) where students from Brooksbank register. This is a challenge to see if children can be active “for 60 minutes a day for 60 days”. It begins January 15, 2011 and finishes March 15 2011.

The entire school population is involved in the 60 Minute Kids’ Club. Any form of exercise counts! Walking to and from school counts. So does recess (if they’re active). Dance counts, as does soccer, or hockey, or any organized activity which elevates the heart rate. As a parent, you can help by assisting with the online registration and online daily recording of activity minutes.


“Artists For Kids” field trip January 20th.
On Thursday 20 January our class is booked to go to the Leo Marshall Curriculum Centre’s Art gallery for a day of art… viewing it, responding to it, and making their own art! The program is free, but we will be looking for parents who would be available to help drive there & back, but Ms. Beleski is also looking for 2 or 3 parents who can stay to help. Students need to bring their lunch in their backpack.


Christmas Concert 2010 DVD
For those who ordered a DVD of our Christmas concert, they arrived today and were sent home with your child. If you would like a copy ($10), please contact the Office.

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Tennis lessons begin Monday 10 January and go for 2 weeks. No racquets are needed (they are supplied), although the tennis instructor does have appropriate-sized racquets for sale for those who choose to buy one… speaking from personal experience these are very good racquets at a very reasonable price (I am not affiliated with Mr. Marcus Anderrsen, the instructor, in any way, but I do like the tennis racquets he provides to students).