Monday 6 December 2010

Congratulations on the River Dioramas! They are wonderful! Thank you
for supporting your child as they learn to manage a creative process
over a two-week period. Well done!


If last week’s grammar quiz (“Week 7 Quiz”) hasn’t yet been signed by
a parent, please ask to get that done asap.

Gr. 4 Quiz on Time (T)
Gr. 5 p. 172 # 1-2 (T)


Tonight (Monday 6 December at 7:00 pm in the Brooksbank gym) Christmas
Band concert. All are welcome, including Gr 4 students and their

Friday at 1:00 pm or thereabouts, our class will be papering part of
the local neighbourhood with flyers asking for non-perishable food
donations for the Harvest Food Bank. Then next Monday 13 December at
1:00 p.m. we’ll be returning to the same houses for pick-up of any
donations. I do have a parent who can cruise alongside us with their
vehicle for the Monday pick-up, but it is always nice to have several
parents on foot to accompany us.

Tuesday 14 December is our Winter Concert at Centennial Theatre!
Students need to be dropped off at the performer’s entrance at 6:40
pm. Students in Division 4 need to wear white tops, any kind of
presentable pants/skirts, and wool hats or toques (as colourful as
possible). The show will be videotaped, and DVD orders will be taken
afterwards. Our class opens the show, so don’t be late!!

Friday 17 December is the last day of classes before the Winter holidays.