Wednesday 1 December 2010



Gr. 4: p. 140 #1-5 (F)
Gr. 4: memorize 3 x tables

Gr. 5: p. 169 # 5-10 (F)

Socials Studies:
River Diorama is due Monday 6 December, although students can bring it
in early on Friday 3 December if they wish. A week ago, on Wednesday
24 November I mentioned a diorama web site which is worth looking at
if you need ideas about either starting or finishing the diorama.
Check out for lots and lots of ideas. Back on
24 November I posted the document “What is a River”, because this
diorama is all about river features. While students do not need to
replicate the look of that document’s river system, nor even show all
the features listed in that document, they should have most of them
included, and properly labeled.

Grade 5s need to be writing and re-writing the french and english
equivalent of the Bonjour/Au Revoir document so that they can memorize
the French spellings, including accents.