Friday 26 November 2010


Gr 4: p. 134 # 1-3 (M)
Gr 5: No homework

Social Studies:
River Diorama (December 6). By the way, I encourage students to set an
earlier due date to ensure they won’t be late. For example, since the
actual due date is Monday 6 December, I suggested students consider
making Friday 3 December their personal due date. That way they will
not only have it done on time, they’ll be early and will therefore
have the whole weekend to relax. Contrast that scenario with leaving
it too late, staying up late the night before and having to deal with
frustration and panic.

Report cards went home today (Friday), and I’d very much like to see
every child’s parent(s) next week on either Tuesday or Wednesday for
afternoon/early evening parent/teacher interviews. Well done, if
you’ve already signed up for a time slot. If not, please call the
school on Monday and ask the Office staff to help you find an
available time. Thank you so much for taking the time to meet with
me… that will go a long way towards ensuring your child’s success in
the coming months.