Tuesday 23 November 2010


Gr. 4: No homework
Gr. 5: Quiz on Chptr 2 (F)
Gr.5: p. 66 # 1-4 (W)

Students are to make a shoebox diorama showing a mountainside (in 3-D)
and the rivers and river features (labeled) that are shown in the
handout: “What is a River?”. It cannot be bigger than a shoebox, but
if you don’t have a shoebox, you can make a suitably-sized diorama out
of a cereal box cut up and pasted together. The diorama could be made
out of crumpled newspaper, covered in paper mache (strips of paper
towel soaked in equal parts flour water and a bit of salt), then
painted; or it could be made out of construction paper; or it could be
made out of clay (although that would take a lot of clay), etc. A
quick look on the internet will show many helpful sites, but I’d start
at stormthecastle.com because it has so many easy ideas,
well-explained (sometimes even with video) and thoroughly

The purpose of this diorama is to learn and display several features
of a river. Not all of the features on the handout need to be
included, but a good many do need to be represented, and labeled.

The project is due Monday 6 December 2010.