Tuesday 26 October 2010


Gr. 4: None
Gr. 5: p. 42 # 5, 7

Reminder from Ms. Beleski:
Parents, if you get a chance, please stop by the main hallway to read our "Lost in a Corn Maze" stories!

Halloween Party:
Our class will be having a Halloween party this Friday afternoon. Costumes may be worn if so desired, but: no costumes until 1:00 pm (which means costumes should come to school in a bag or a backpack); also, no masks, no face make-up, no weapons, no matter how integral those might be to the costume. Costumes should be pulled on over regular clothes in the classroom; no trips to the bathroom allowed. Costume-wearing is optional, so not everyone will be in costume; we would encourage those who aren't wearing a costume Friday afternoon, to show spirit by wearing orange and black that day. In-class activities will begin after 1:00 pm. This year a tag-along parade will snake its way through the entire school with every class going into every other class. In our class, snacks will be available on a limited basis. If your child would like to eat some snacks, they should contribute please. But not by bringing enough to feed the whole class! Your child could contribute by bringing, for example, sufficient snack for perhaps 8-10 people. If everyone brings enough for the entire class (eg: 28 cupcakes) we end up being inundated with food, and that is not my intent. This is to be a snack, not a meal! I will provide plates, cups, and something to drink. Your contribution could be scary Halloween music, or a tasty snack, as you see fit.