Wednesday 20 October

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Draw a bar graph entitled: "Average Precipitation for Prince Rupert and Kamloops" based on the data shown here. Choose an appropriate scale so that your bar graph occupies about half of a page.

Both axes need a label (capitalized) with units shown. Draw it in pencil, but shade in the six bars with red or blue pencil crayon. Ensure a Key or Legend is included explaining the colouring system.

Have the bar graph ready for handing in Monday.

Gr. 4: p. 50 # 2 (M)
Gr. 5: Write 10 equations (M) + optional title page (M)

Reminder from Ms. Beleski:  Health and Career assignment is due Thursday 21 October.

Also, this Friday 22 October is a province-wide Professional Development day for teachers. Students do not attend school that day.