Tuesday 5 October 2010


Quiz on Lesson 3 (F)

Most grade 4 students returned their Math quiz from last week signed by a parent today. A few forgot. If you are a parent of a Grade 4 student, and you have not signed your child's quiz, please help ensure it gets back to me as soon as possible.

Gr. 4 p. 44 # 1, 2 (W). See the PDF form here for some explanatory notes on Venn Diagrams and Carroll Diagrams. Parents, if this is all new to you, don't fret! Your child can probably fill you in, or you could do a Google search, (or you could come in early before class for a tutorial if you like!



Gr. 5:  p. 27-28  # 2, 4, 5, 6 (W)

As you are probably aware, we received our student agendas (planners) yesterday. Today and every day I will ask students to bring me their planner towards the end of the day. I check they have recorded any homework they have, then I sign it. I would request that a parent signs the planner every night too. Your signature is vital for me to know that you have seen the homework assignments.

If a child has been given an assignment for homework, and he or she gets it finished in class, then I still ask that the student write down the assignment in their planner, but to draw a ruled line through it to indicate that the assignment has been completed. Thus,

Science: Write a paragraph based on the picture on p. 23 of the text. (W)

If it is crossed out, the work is completed.

If no homework is assigned that day, I ask that the student write "No homework". I will still sign their planner, so you know there really is no homework assigned!

We now have a P.A.C. communications parent volunteer! If you would like regular updates sent to you from the P.A.C. via email you must respond in this way:

Please send an email to me at pclarke@nvsd44.bc.ca from the email address you'd like PAC information sent to, and include Div 4 Comm in the subject line. This way I can collect all the email addresses without having to type them out manually. If you are in contact with other parents from our class, please pass along the need for them to read this and respond. Thank you to those 8 parents who have already sent me their contact email!

Venn Diagrams.pdf
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