Friday 1 October 2010

Important Announcement

We now have a P.A.C. communications parent volunteer! If you would like regular updates sent to you from the P.A.C. via email you must respond in this way:
Please send an email to me at from the email address you'd like PAC information sent to, and include
Div 4 Comm in the subject line. This way I can collect all the email addresses without having to type them out manually. If you are in contact with other parents from our class, please pass along the need for them to read this and respond. Thank you.

Student Planner Update
First, we apologize for the rocky start. Our school, along with many others in the district, did not receive our student planners (agenda books) until this week. When they arrived, they were not the planners we had ordered (as in past years), and they did not send the quantity we ordered. Still, the decision was made to accept these, and most teachers were able to send home a planner for the first time this week. Our class, however, did not get any. We will continue to pursue this issue, and hope to have a resolution as soon as we possibly can.


Gr. 4s: (No homework… they all did well on their test today and will receive them back Monday. Well done!)

Gr. 5s: Write 8 equations using a 6, a 4, and an empty box as a placeholder. In my example here, I've used a question mark since I can't easily draw a box when I post this to our homework blog…but perhaps you get the idea.   Eg: 6 + 4 =  ? . This work is due Monday.

Beginning Monday 4 October I am hosting a Gr 4/5 teacher from Switzerland. Her name is Ms. Judith Giger, and she will be with us for three weeks. Please do pop by and say hello to Judith.