Homework for Friday 30 April 2010

-Math Quiz on Multiplication & Division (Friday 7 May)
-pp. 114-115 . When there are several parts to a question choose alternate parts where possible ( ie: 9 a & c but not 9 b nor 9 d) (M)

Salmon Release:
-Look for the informed consent form to come home today, and if it didn't, you can print off your own below, and return it to the school for Monday
-I am also asking all students to bring to class a clean, empty yogurt container or similar, of approx. 500-700 mL size. Little individual yogurt containers (say 175 mL) are too little. Students should write their name on the outside bottom with a Sharpie. (M)

Heritage Fair:
Two nights ago Brooksbank Intermediate classes hosted a Social Studies Fair from 6:30- 8:00 p.m. What a wonderful evening of sharing! Thank you for your support, encouragement, family stories, and assistance… the night was an unqualified success! Best of luck to the 15 students judged to be the best in Gr 4/5 at the District-sponsored Heritage Fair on Saturday May 1, 2010. Congratulations to all students for their hard work, and fabulous projects! We all enjoyed hearing such poised, knowledgeable young students share what they'd learned over the last month!