Monday 12 April 2010

Social Studies:
Reminder that the good copy of the Immigration project writing is due this Wednesday 14 April. Nearly every student handed in their concept map, but if your child hasn't, or didn't complete it, please ensure it gets done asap. And congratulations on your combined learning: you may have just completed your very first concept map!

I've been asked if pictures should go in the writing, on the three-panel display, or both. The answer is "it depends". It should certainly go on the three-panel display. If it is easy to have a duplicate, and if it helps make the written research easier to understand, a duplicate picture might be added to the writing.

The example of a three-panel display board (scroll down to find it on the March 31 entry), actually has more writing than I prefer. When a judge comes by to ask the student's knowledge of the topic, the judge won't have time to stop and read a lot of writing. The student should know the information, and of course it should be in the writing, but I like to keep the display boards visual in nature. Focus on the design, the colours used (they should match, and be few in number), the legibility of the font (sufficient size and an easy-to-read font), balance visually across the three panels, a border or perhaps not, a good-sized title and author, etc., etc.

To summarize, the writing is due this Wednesday, the 3-panel display & class presentations are due next Monday 19 April 2010.

Today students were tested on their quick recall of the basic multiplication facts. We tested these times tables:
2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9. Your child should be able to tell you their mark out of 80 possible correct responses. This should give you and your child an indication of how far along s/he is in mastering all times tables by the end of Grade 5. More immediately, it will suggest which times tables your child should pick to work on this week.

Students are memorizing a little dialogue, but as they are also required to memorize their class presentation on the immigration country of their choice, I am not going to test your child's memory of French phrases until we have got through the socials presentations. Some students, however, may be bringing home their French to practice out of their own desire (not mine) to take on the challenge.

Track and Field
This week begins our 5 days of track and field "rotations" that happen the last hour of the day. Good idea to a) have gym strip here, and b) shower as needed!