Tuesday 6 April 2010

Tomorrow (Wednesday April 7) our class is off to Centennial Theatre at 9:00 a.m. for the School Districts Music Festival. Students can dress informally; black and white clothing is not required. It is always uplifting to see and hear the efforts of our kids, especially in such a wonderful venue as Centennial Theatre! A big thank you to those parents who are able to join us tomorrow morning and help drive. Much appreciated!

Social Responsibility:
Today we did a "Concept Attainment" for the topic of bullying in the morning as a whole class. This afternoon as a follow-up activity, students were to summarize the activity on paper, and explain their thinking. Most had enough time to complete this in class, but a few might need to complete this for homework.

Social Studies:
The Immigration/Heritage project's rough notes are due in to me this Friday 9 April. This way I will be able to give direction and help before the actual due date (the writing part of it (good copy) is due Wednesday 14 April, while the display/speech part of it is due Monday 19 April)
Look for a handout on Bibliography, as a guide for students to know how to reference their sources.