Have a great Spring Break!

There is no homework assigned over the Break… enjoy the family time… I will!

There will be a Math quiz several days after we get back,  on the chapter on Fractions and Decimals (p. 164 is the starting page). I will do a review with the students when we get back, with a quiz on either the Wednesday (March 17) or perhaps the Friday (March 19).

The recent Nervous System Quiz has now been marked and handed back to students. You can expect to see it.

Our salmon babies are still at the very young stage called the "alevin" stage. But they are using up their yolk sacs, and within a couple of weeks of being back from Spring Break I imagine we'll have to start feeding them. That marks the beginning of the end, for we will release them back into the wild within 3-4 weeks of when we start to feed them. They will be at the "fry" stage, and ready to head down river to the estuaries with all the other wild salmon fry, and thence out to the ocean when they are "smolts". For now, they are developing quite nicely, but still can't swim, or feed themselves. That will come in another couple of weeks.

Enjoy the break!!